Gal Meets Glam

Yesterday I was looking on Pinterest for some #MondayMotivation and I came across a picture of dresses with the caption Gal meets Glam. This is a phrase inspired by blogger Julia Engel, but it said a lot more to me than just a caption and title of a blog.

On a real note, in the fashion world, some see glam as meaning money. It means expensive, superior, feathers, jewels, lots of glitter and Kim Kardashian. It has a condescending yet prestigious meaning to it, but it doesn’t have to. Feathers and glitter doesn’t have to be a bad thing. To me, glam is expressing yourself without limits. It is going all out because you want to. Wearing feathers because its your favorite texture and is really showing the world who you are.

That is why I love the phrase Gal meets Glam, because even if you are wearing an expensive and extravagant statement, you are doing it for the girl inside you. You are being yourself. You can be expressive but still sweet. You are choosing fashion because you are choosing you. The perfect example of this is Emma Watson. She is so glamorous, but a role-model, true, beautiful girl.

If you want to wear floral stilettos to your 8 a.m. math class because they make you feel glamorous, but you don’t forget who you are and continue to wear your favorite trendy shoes while you hold the door open for others and go to your tutoring sessions- then I say do it. Because that is my definition of Gal meets Glamorous, it’s a sweet mix of both and the true way to be glamorous.


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