Why We Should All be a #GirlBoss

We all have those friends {or maybe even yourself} who are truly, genuinely, in love with what they do. They look forward to the next day for new projects and thoroughly enjoy being at work. They love being career focused or centered and they love the idea of succeeding by their own efforts and hard work. These women are girl bosses.

The concept of a girl boss is a beautiful thing. It is a woman who is empowered to create her own success and make her dreams a reality. My favorite part about girl bosses is they typically encourage other women to cultivate the career of their dreams too.

So this Monday let’s put our heart into our work, cultivate the career of our dreams, work hard and not let anyone stop us from achieving success. Let’s encourage each other, plan our future, and plan for nothing less than happiness and success. Let’s do this.

Here is some girl boss inspiration for the start of your wonderful week.

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