Why You Should Send Out Save the Dates

Everyone wants something to look forward to- all the more reason to plan an event or social gathering for all your friends! But what is almost as important as planning the event itself, is letting your guests know ahead of time.

Save the dates are important for logistical reasons- guests can put it on their calendar and make needed arrangements (sitters, taking work off, etc.). But save the dates are a huge score for you, the party planner, because it gets people talking about your event.

Once the invitations go out, if it’s a large wedding or a small summer barbeque, the guests start talking about it. They want to know who is going and let everyone know if they can make it. This helps more people rsvp and commit to attending sooner than later.

With something fun and special on everyone’s calendar, it makes the month, week and day of the event go by so much faster. This helps your event because it gets people excited and invested in the event (Which is great if it’s one that has an activity like a white elephant gift exchange or if guests dress for a specific theme). But overall, it gives your guests and friends something joyful to look forward too.

People love socializing. They love having something on their calendar other than work meetings and appointments. So plan a get-together, send out invitations or save the dates, give your loved ones an event to remember, and celebrate. Start today, go plan something.

Here is some inspiration for your save the dates. Let me know which invitation is your favorite in the comments below and Happy Planning. {All captions are linked to the invitations web page and most invitations have several other color options.}


A classic, personal save-the-date via Martha Stewart Weddings.
Typography is a great alternative to a graphic or photograph and can save a lot of time in the design process.
This is an example of an invite for an event rather than a wedding. It’s a darling and creative graphic that shows that the celebration will be fun and full of joy.
Watercolor is a big trend right now and is perfect for a save-the-date for your next big event.
A timeless and classic invitation.


From Australia, this designer also uses watercolor designs on her darling invitations.


Did you like one of the above invitations? Do you want to host an event for you and your loved ones? Keep reading this week for more tips on making an event as successful and special as it can be and together darling, we’ll figure out your plan. xo

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